This Is Not A Good Bye...

  • Dear Customer,

    Due to the premises we have occupied for the past 25 years going under redevelopment, we are forced to relocate in 2018.
    Until a suitable venue sourced to move Efes, we will be closing our doors from January 2018.
    We hope to come back with a better, newer version concept to serve our customers.
    See You Soon...

  • After your main course you we will have our delicious Profiteroles.
  • Choice Of Starters

    You May Choose One Of The Following Starters.

    V - Vegetarian

    Hummus -(V) :
    Pureed chickpeas with sesame seed paste, olive oil, lemon juice and a hint of garlic.

    Garlic Mushrooms - (V) :
    Mushrooms sauteed in garlic and herb butter with white wine.

    Mediterranian Salad -(V) :
    Cubed feta cheese on a mixed Mediterranean salad and drizzled with Efes special dressing.

    Meat Balls :
    Meat Balls flavoured with fresh Mediterranean herbs and served in a tomato sauce.

    Feta Triangles -(V) :
    Freshly fried filo pastry stuffed with a mixture of feta cheese, egg & parsley.

    Hellumi -(V) :
    Fried goat’s cheese served with a sweet chilli dip.

    Spicy Turkish Sausage :
    Garlic sausage grilled on charcoal served with a hummus dip.

    Chicken Wings :
    Char-grilled Chicken wings marinated with fresh chillies, spices, onions.

  • Choice Of Main Courses

    You May Choose One Of The Following Main Courses

    V - Vegetarian

    Mediterranian Lamb :
    House special lamb off the bone oven cooked with a traditional blend of herbs and spices along with apricots, honey and cinnamon served with Efes rice.

    Beef Rosto :
    Tender slices of Scotch roast beef served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables, horseradish and gravy.

    Feta Chicken :
    Oven baked chicken breast stuffed with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes, topped with a cream, dijon, white wine and mushroom sauce served with roast potatoes & seasonal vegetables.

    Chicken Casserole :
    Cubes of chicken breast casseroled with herbs, mushrooms, tomato and peppers served with Efes rice.

    Seabass Kebab :
    Seasoned seabass skewered with peppers and onions char-grilled served with roast potaotes and seasonal vegetables.

    Meat Platter :
    Efes chicken, roast beef, chicken wings, char-grilled beef pattie, chef´s dish of the day served with Efes rice.

    Vegatable Mousakka -(V) :
    Oven baked layers of aubergine, seasonal vegetables and potatoes, topped with béchamel and cheese served with Efes rice.

    Stuffed Aubergine -(V) :
    Smoked aubergine stuffed with sautéed green peppers, onion, tomato and garlic served with Efes rice.