This Is Not A Good Bye...

  • Dear Customer,

    Due to the premises we have occupied for the past 25 years going under redevelopment, we are forced to relocate in 2018.
    Until a suitable venue sourced to move Efes, we will be closing our doors from January 2018.
    We hope to come back with a better, newer version concept to serve our customers.
    See You Soon...

Mediterranian Cuisine

  • Mediterranian Style

    Mediterraninan Sea creates the difference. There are many cultures, nationalities and of course the climate which when mixedtogether creates the awesome flavours & tastes.

  • A Wide Range Of Vegitables and Spices

    Mediterranian Sea serves a climate that causes the huge ranges of vegetables and regional herbs. What If an experienced cook mix these tastes? Of course, Incredible!

  • Sea Food And Meat...

    Mediterranian Sea gives us a really wide range of sea food. And you will love the meats which coooked with mediterranian herbs.